By Ali Johnson

Having trouble coming up with a list for Santa this year? Wondering what to get the CrossFit enthusiast in your life? Save yourself some time wandering through the mall and check out this list of must-have gifts for anyone who’s a lover of CrossFit (or fitness in general). Bonus- all of these items can be purchased online (and many from Amazon! Hello 2-day shipping) so you can avoid the lines and crowds this holiday season. Use your bonus free time to get in an extra workout session, or just sit back and enjoy a stress-free holiday season. 


Olympic Weight Bar Clips

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You may have seen a few of these clips hanging around CF3P (pink seems to be a popular color). They’re a great alternative to the metal clips because they’re super easy to put on, so you don’t have to worry about weight changes slowing down your WOD time. I’ve had mine for a year now and I’ve never had an issue with them cracking or breaking.


Goat Tape


Tired of your hands ripping during grueling WODs but haven’t been able to find grips that work? Try Goat tape! It sticks to your hands without bunching up, but it’s also flexible enough that you should have no problem gripping the bar and kipping during pulling work. 


Knee sleeves


These are great even if you don’t have any knee problems; they’ll protect your knees during lunges, and you can even slide them down towards your ankles to protect them during rope climbs. 


Olympic Lifting Bar


Serious CrossFitters like to keep their own bar at the gym! OR, if you’re looking to build up your home gym, start by purchasing an olympic lifting bar. They’re pricey, but well worth it if you’re dedicated to CrossFit. The quality is outstanding, and the extra practice at home will help you get those gainz in no time.


Weight belt

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For women


For men


If you’re lifting heavy (and who isn’t, in CrossFit??) you need to protect your back by wearing a weight belt. These belts will help you strengthen your core so that you brace using your abdomen and not your lower back. Not only will they help you lift more, they’ll prevent you from injuring yourself while you do it. A weight belt is a must-have for postpartum women or anyone recovering from a back injury as well.


Bear Complex hand grips


These are another common item you may have seen around CF3P; Bear Complex hand grips are a favorite among our members, including Coach Sandy. The leather makes it easy to grip the bar, and they give you just enough slack to be able to kip without ripping your palms. You can choose from 2 holes or 3, and you’re able to place them on whatever fingers need them the most. I have a pair myself and can’t recommend them enough! It’s important to note that these are also available on Amazon, but I *heard* the material and quality is not the same as the ones available on Rogue.


Yoga mat 


This one has over 13,000 reviews and comes in a bunch of colors; bring your own mat to and from the gym and you’ll be ready to recover and RomWOD any time!


A subscription to RomWod


Speaking of recovery, subscribe to RomWod and you’ll have access to tons of great mobility and recovery videos anywhere, any time!




These dumbbells are similar to the ones we have at the gym, and they’re a must-have for anyone with a home gym (or space to workout at home!) They range from 10-50lbs, so you can choose the weight that’s best for you. Using dumbbells at home is a great way to get that extra practice in so you can make the jump in weight during WODs!



image 3

Same concept goes for the kettlebells- get in some extra practice at home and you’ll be swinging the 35 (or 53) pound kettlebell in the gym in no time! These range in weight from 10-60lbs.


WODies grips


Another favorite at CF3P, these grips give you wrist support as well as protection for your palms. I find them especially helpful during overhead movements to keep my wrists stable.


Speed rope


Ready to take on double unders? You NEED a speed rope. Weighted ropes are great for practicing doubles, but speed ropes are a necessity if you’re going to bust them out in a WOD. This rope was highly recommended by several members of the gym, and it’s the brand I use myself. The cable is customizable, so you can cut it to whatever length you need based on your height.


More speed ropes


These speed ropes also come highly recommended and can be customized based on your height.


Reebok CrossFit Nanos


Ready to invest in your first pair of CrossFit shoes? These Nanos are super popular and provide great support for lifting and gymnastics exercises. The soles are flat to prevent you from rising up on your toes during particularly difficult lifts. Reebok often runs sales and promotions, especially during the holidays, so don’t pay full price.


NoBull Trainers

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NoBull Trainers are another popular CrossFit shoe, and while I haven’t tried them myself, they have practically a cult following in the CrossFit community. They come in a variety of prints and colors too, so you’ll look cool while making gainz.




Stay hydrated with this super popular water bottle!


Foam roller set


At the bare minimum you should have a foam roller at home so you can work out all the kinks in your sore muscles after a tough workout. This set from Amazon also comes with a peanut ball, muscle roller stick, stretching strap, and more so you’re guaranteed to have whatever item you need to make your limbs feel better. And the best part? It comes in a nice box that’s easy to wrap for the CrossFit lover in your life (also a great way to subtly tell someone they need to spend more time on their recovery).


Gym bag 


If Santa is about to bring you a bunch of new gym swag, you’re going to need somewhere to put it! This gym bag has over 2,000 reviews and comes in lots of colors so you won’t have to worry about your bag being confused with someone else’s.


Finally, don’t forget about the easiest gift of all! Grab a gift certificate from CF3P and give the gift of fitness and a healthy lifestyle for the new year. Gift certificates can be used for classes, personal training sessions, InBody Scans, nutrition planning, and more. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

I hear Santa is putting down the cookies and milk this year and picking up some protein powder and a Fit Aid. What’s on your CrossFit Christmas list? Tell us below!

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